TrueRate is an innovative web based claims validation tool for those involved in the resolution of credit hire claims. More specifically, TrueRate contains a vast archive of basic hire rates and the website was in development for some 12 months prior to its launch.

SurveyorShip Limited is the proud custodian of the website and the archive. SurveyorShip actively compiles, manages and verifies the archive. SurveyorShip is an independent provider of robust and reliable basic hire rates evidence (www.surveyorship.co.uk).

TrueRate holds basic hire rates from over 500 locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and at its launch TrueRate contained over 1.4 million individual basic hire rates. The archive is updated every single month with each monthly update adding approximately 200,000 new basic hire rates. The user can therefore obtain current and/or historic basic hire rates for each and every month of the year and from any location in the United Kingdom.

The basic hire rates held within TrueRate are cross referenced with the Association of British Insurers General Terms of Agreement (“ABI GTA”) and the associated Matrix. Therefore a user can easily obtain basic hire rates for equivalent vehicles to those involved in any given credit hire matter.

The archive contains basic hire rates for standard vehicles, prestige vehicles, vans and motorbikes. Each individual basic hire rate is available as a 1, 7 or 28 day rate and is verified by the provision of tangible evidence of the actual basic hire rate as offered on a hire company’s website/rental tariff.

The archive also contains details and/or costs of:

  1. additional drivers
  2. driver age limits/restrictions
  3. driver endorsement restrictions
  4. insurance and excess waivers
  5. satellite navigation
  6. child seats
  7. delivery and collection

The website includes a vehicle registration mark checking service direct from an authorised agent of the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority. This allows the user to validate the details of the vehicles involved in any given credit hire claim and to determine whether there is an issue of “betterment” as between the original vehicle and the hire vehicle.

The user has the option to download a brief report of his/her search for future reference and to aid negotiation. Furthermore, a Civil Procedure Rules compliant witness statement is available to purchase for use as evidence during litigation.

Essentially, TrueRate is the largest independent archive of basic hire rates which also provides a user with tangible evidence.

"True Independence + Actual Basic Hire Rate Evidence = TrueRate"

For more information about the use of this website and pricing please contact SurveyorShip:

E: instructions@surveyorship.co.uk

T: 0344 856 0864.